February 2, 2011

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Results

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I have taken the Myers Briggs personality test a total of three times in the last ten years, and each time had a different result.  This time around, out of eight possible points for each area, I scored eight for I and zero for E, three for S and five for N, and, interestingly, four points each for T, F, J and P.  My scores clearly favor the traits that I already knew I had, and are dead even among the traits I wasn’t sure about.

As a sophomore in high school I was reported as an INTJ- quiet and artistic, logical and focused.  I was serious about my studies and getting into college, and had little time or energy for anything else.  Several years later I had an opportunity to take the test again, and found I had mysteriously morphed into an INFP- more interested in peace and flexibility than in rules and plans.  In college I was studying the subjects I loved, and I had a whole new city to explore with my new friends.  In a word, INTJ was me under pressure, and INFP was me enjoying freedom.

I have been thinking about where I am in my life now and what effect that might have on my personality.  As I read about the different personality types, I kept a mental checklist.  It was easy to tell that I am most definitely introverted and intuitive rather than extroverted and sensing, as confirmed by my previous and current test results.  I prefer to work quietly by myself without interruptions, and greatly prefer communicating by email rather than by phone (I).  I love learning new things, and I am fascinated by the hows and whys of my world (N).

But evaluating myself in the other two areas was much more difficult.  Each of the four options remaining (TJ, TP, FJ and FP) seemed to describe a part of my personality, while also describing traits that are not me at all.  I make a habit of trying to think problems through analytically (T), but am also very empathic and care greatly for others’ feelings (F).  I get more done when I make a list of tasks for myself (J), but I get annoyed with people who are close-minded and inflexible (P).

So it seems I have to decide what personality type I am going to call myself.  The thinking trait describes me pretty well- I tend to think logically and have a strong sense of justice and fairness.  T and I part ways, however, when it comes to making the tough decisions and holding fast to the rules even at the expense of others.  The feeling trait, on the other hand, fits me perfectly.  I work hard to make sure everyone is happy and getting along, and I seem to have a talent for reading between the lines of what people say and sensing how they really feel.  The judging trait describes me in that I like to have a plan and a schedule, but I don’t like settling for only the essential information needed to make a decision.  Like the perceptive trait, I prefer to be aware of all the details of a situation.  I sometimes overthink things to the point of indecision.  I am also flexible and able to adapt to changes.

In the end, I think I have to settle on calling myself INFP.  I am not the carefree college student I once was, but as I become more successful in my adult life, I find I am increasingly free to live life at my own pace.  Perhaps I borrow strategies from INTJs to cope with difficult situations, but INFP seems to be the real me, at least for the moment.


January 21, 2011

New WordPress Blog

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Hi there, my name is Sarah, and this is my first post.  I will be using this blog (at least at first) to post comments regarding the reading assignments for my BADM 720 class.  Stay tuned for fascinating insights!